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Artificial Intelligence

AI in Manufacturing

AI technologies offer manufacturers the tools that would help them in a better predictive maintenance and machinery inspection process. However, manufacturers are reluctant to adopt new technologies or AI-based solutions in their costly machines or equipment. Any mismanagement could add to the costs. Furthermore, many manufacturers are doubtful about the capabilities of AI-based solutions in terms of the accuracy of the maintenance and inspection processes. Considering these factors, it is slightly difficult to convince the manufacturers and make them understand that AI-based solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and safe. However, manufacturers are now increasingly accepting the potential benefits of AI-based solutions and the spectrum of applications they serve.

Opportunities: Adoption of automation technologies to curb effects of COVID-19

Adoption of automation technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Industrial Internet of Things is among the most critical factors for restarting the business operations of the manufacturing sector during this global pandemic. Large-scale lockdowns, shortage of labor force, and supply chain disruptions are likely to drive the automation needs across the manufacturing sector. AI-based solutions could help manufacturers to digitally transform operations (such as autonomous material movement using industrial robots) and make prompt data-driven decisions. In addition, AI can play a crucial role in automating several stages of manufacturing and limit human involvement.

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