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Artificial Intelligence

AI in healthcare

Healthcare leaders face an unprecedented list of increasingly critical issues across revenue, cost, and quality. These leaders are turning to artificial intelligence as the key to better decision-making, believing it will deliver faster turnaround of insights with small margins for error. While these attempts may even incorporate augmented intelligence (AI), which goes beyond artificial intelligence by enabling human decision makers to make the best choices, they often fall short.As a result, many business and analytics leaders are trying to integrate augmented intelligence (AI) into their analytic processes to better address these critical issues. Too often, these efforts have been less than successful. Leaders have struggled to integrate AI into current tools, integrate or change workflows, and demonstrate a positive impact of AI.

AITECHNOHUB focused primarily on point of care or service predictive model use cases. However, this approach was often ineffective when applied without expert guidance (self-service), and the approach was also too narrow in scope, limiting the effective use of AI in healthcare.The new Healthcare.AI offering from AITECHNOHUB is an improved, transformational suite of products and expert services that address this wider array of critical business issues. Healthcare.AI dramatically broadens the use and use cases for effective AI within your organization.

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